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School4startups is a digital platform that delivers 100% road mapped and comprehensive training, combined with optimized tools and mentor touch points, to transform an idea into a validated business model and to scale it.


Our classes are a mix of video recordings or live lectures supplemented with readings and assessments that students can complete on their own time.

If you have at least watched 80% of the video.
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The Smartest Way to Incubate and accelerate Startups

The School4startup is a complete platform which supports startups to scale. We provide end-to-end training, mentoring, and selective candidates will be able to join our pre-accelerator program, and get access to funding networks, industry connect, global market access and more. 

Startup Foundation Program
Selected Candidates shall join our Pre-accelerator
Masterclass @ Imark Valley - Residential Program
Selection Process to Accelerator
Acceleration & On going support

About School4startups

It is a platform jointly promoted by IMark Global & Marketnext Foundation. We train, mentor, incubate and accelerate innovative startups from idea stage to reality. We work with aspiring and dynamic entrepreneurs who are capable of building outstanding startups that can create new jobs and economic development to their nations. 

Startup Entrepreneurship course

The Startup Entrepreneurship course will equip you with an entrepreneurial mindset and capabilities to create, launch and grow your start-up, family firm or a project-leading role within an organisation.

  • Develop your entrepreneurial capabilities to enable start-up or development of an existing business
  • Learn from entrepreneurship tutors who have a wide range of real-life experience
  • Build knowledge on how to discover, innovate and exploit opportunities for new business
  • Learn to take risks through engaging your creative thinking with peers, tutors, and external entrepreneurs
  • Graduate with confidence to make an entrepreneurial impact

Entrepreneurship Ecosystem Management Certificate Program

Using Marketnext best practices to define, design, model and scope business ecosystems.

Entrepreneurship Ecosystem Management Certificate Program participants are required to take four courses to complete the program, and major topics covered in the courses will include imperative entrepreneurship center development and sustained operational guidance such as (but not limited to):

  • Basics of entrepreneurial ecosystem development and how to properly position your center
  • Marketing to potential clients
  • Ideal executive management and/or coaching staff
  • Initial and follow-on fundraising
  • Building targeted programming/services for clients
  • Identifying, and then acquiring facility and other tangible assets for clients
  • Developing pricing models for clients
  • Conducting Delegations, Events and Meetups
  • Facilitating Trade & Sourcing
  • Understand Open Innovation & Best Practices
  • Setting graduation policies

Pricing Plan

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Networking & Growth Support by Marketnext Community

USD 250 6 Months
  • A team of 2 from one Startup can join the program